Thoughts from others:

Am highly favored to have discovered your website. And knowing to pray for my children based on the word of God. I can see a great future of godly people who will help transform their world for good.
- from Ghana
Thanks a lot for this teaching. I really want to know how to talk with God more than anything else in the world . . . .
- from Kenya
Yes, I would love to know more about God and how to pray with confidence.
- from Hong Kong
I am trying to develop a better prayer life and a closer relationship with my Savior. Thanks for the tips.
- from Antiqua
I really want to be controlled by the Spirit and do God’s will for my life. I’m tired of mediocre Christianity and failure.
- from St Lucia
Learning more and more about how to lead an abundant Christ filled life and asking for forgiveness of my sins. Very good explanations with clarity which otherwise I would not have understood.
- from India
I read the prayer twice, for the first prayer I din’t know to bow right away so did it over and the second time after I pray I bow my head down. I couldn’t get on my knees because I’m at the library using the computer.
- from USA
Thank you – one of my Christian Facebook friends referred me to this site because I wanted to know how to be filled with the Spirit and walk in victory (I sometimes indulged in strong drinks).
- from USA
Yes, I did pray this prayer because I can’t rely on my own strength anymore. I tired of falling. I need God’s power through the Holy Spirit to work in my life . . .
- from USA
I want to be really filled with the Spirit so I can work as Philip, Peter and Paul were working or I could see someone anointed enough to lay hand on me as John and Peter did in the City of Samaria. Rivers of living Waters flowing from my belly to those in bondage.
- from Nigeria
I said the prayer above because I very much wish to have my life directed by the Holy Spirit in whatever I say, think and do. I also pray that I will enjoy the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
- from Uganda
I no longer want to live on my own but would like the holy spirit to direct me every day.
- from South Africa
I prayed that the Holy Spirit will live in me and take control over my life in Jesus name.
- from Kenya
Thank you for this prayer. Living in an Islamic country has its challenges and I need the Spirit filled life to cope. Please pray for me.
- from Pakistan