Expressing Appreciation "My Dad Thought He Had No Friends"
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Therefore, encourage each other” (1 Thessalonians 4:18)

The church was packed. The upstairs was full, the lobby was filled, people were sitting in the church basement and people were standing outside. We had all come to the funeral of the man who obviously had many friends...a man who was loved and respected.

I watched how carefully the pallbearers carried the casket. They were moving the body of a man who was revered.

During the service, the man’s son asked people to raise their hands if his father had touched their lives in a significant way and two-thirds of the people put up their hands. He then told us that during his life, his father thought he had no friends - that no one respected him. I wondered to myself, “Why didn’t people encourage him...tell him they loved him? He certainly was a good man and needed to know he was appreciated.”

As I sat there, I talked to the Lord:

Why don’t we, Lord? Why don’t we tell people who touch our lives that we appreciate them? Why are we so busy with our work and our hobbies and our schedules that we don’t take the time to tell and show people we care? Jesus, while you were on earth, you noticed individuals. You knew them by name. You touched them. You loved them. You healed them. You died for them. Lord, will You help us take the time to be encouraging to others? Thank You! Amen.

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