The Sunrise

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Labouring with persistent pain for two days,
finally after many more hours,
a beautiful baby is born, bringing joy
and happiness to parents.
Thus this is the sunrise of this baby.

Walking along the beach very early
in the morning,
it is a beautiful sight to behold
the sunrise.
Many times you may awaken before
the sunrise, to spend time in prayer
with Abba Father.
The sunrise brings a new day,
leaving behind yesterday with its
regrets and remorse.
With a hope of paying restitution,
and another opportunity to say
"I'm sorry," 'please forgive me'
The sunrise comes to dispell
the darkness, to bring hope and healing.

There were times in your life, that you may
have thought you would not make it
through the night.
You may have cried all night, you tried to sleep
but no sleep was given to your eye lids.
Fear gripped your heart, with torment within.
Yet the sunrise begins to focus, and the comfort
of the word reminds you from the book of Malachi
which reads 4:2 " But unto you that fear my name
shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing
in his wings, and ye go forth and grow up as calves
of the stall."

Yes the word is even clearer from the book of Psalm
sighting chapter 30:5 that, "Weeping may endure
for a night, but joy cometh in the morning."
You look forward to the sunrise.
In spite of what you are going through. yes your back
may feel like it's against the wall.
Yet the sun will rise for you.
Continue to be faithful to your Abba Father.
Stay faithful in prayer and in the word of God,
Live your testimony,
be a person of integrity, looking with great
expectancy for the sunrise.
No matter how dark your night may seem,
the sunrise will bring the light that you need
to fulfill your purpose and to walk to your destiny.

~ ~ ~ ~

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Margaret C Mullings: A unique woman with a passion for the presence of God. She also has a passion for hurting souls. She is anencourager to the body of Christ. A prayer warrior, song writer and playwrightwith a new found love for the performing Arts. Margaret is the wife of PastorPaul G Mullings and the mother of four children, Godfrey, Ene', Garet, and Nia.

Her books include SEEDS OF HOPE

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