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Rahab. a scarlet cord
binds you to the Cross
seven centuries before the nails
pierced the Carpenter’s hands.
You, one of the four women
named in His genealogy.
How could this be?

You kept a wayside house
on the Jericho wall,
providing favors for all
before it fell down.
The location known far and wide,
perhaps a rosy string latched the door.
How could this be?

Was life so hard,
reputation so bloodied,
money so short,
pride long lost,
fear for survival,
no hope for tomorrow?
How could this be?

Hearing of the Hebrews’ God,
how the Red Sea had stood aside,
trembling, for His people
were advancing in your land.
Wondering if their God
would protect you too?
How could this be?

Before the gate was shut
two enemy spies came.
Lying, to protect them,
flax-hidden on your roof,
revealing your tender heart
melting in the fiery sun.
How could this be?

Rumors ran rampant
‘round the walls,
of Amorite kings’ crimson robes,
washed in the blood of battle
against Israel’s army.
Would they do the same to you?
How could this be?

Pledging a vow of kindness,
to the Lord of Heaven and Earth.
pleading salvation for the family
gathered beneath your roof,
letting down the scarlet cord
you bid the spies godspeed.
How could this be?

Becoming a woman of faith
before the trumpet blast,
lauded in the book of Hebrews
for courage to believe.
The royal red line included you
by God’s power,
who brings all things to be.

Reference: Joshua 2

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