We are God’s Hands and Feet
By: Sue Tholken with Katherine Kehler Share page

"Let the watchman be fully alert.” Isaiah: 21:7b

Recently, while traveling, we were getting gas and I became aware that the couple in front of us was fussing at each other, clearly not over pumping gas. She was a mother with a new baby and had another young child in the car. He had grease on his hands from working on the engine, I suspected. This did not look like a good situation.

It was late at night--we finished pumping our gas and started out of the gas station. God had other plans. He whispered in my ear…go back…they need help. I repeated this to my husband and told him of my observations, so we pulled right around and along side of their car offering help as my husband is a master mechanic. We got them back on the road and gave them some money.

Our grandchildren, who were with us, got to experience God’s leading in action and His mercy poured out on His children. You see we found out that these young folks were Christians relocating to California from the East and their car had been giving them a hard time. They were quite low on funds and were just skimping by hoping to get there to get a job quickly to support themselves. God had been faithful to them all across the country and was seeing them through each crisis. We praised God for his faithfulness together and went on our way.

I reminded our grandchildren, that we are God’s hands and feet here on earth and while God can and does perform miracles all the time at His will, he also uses us to do his wondrous work. We must always be listening for those wonderful opportunities to partner with our Father.

We encourage you to be alert too and obey God’s leading to help someone who needs an encouraging hand from you today.

Lord Jesus, in our busyness, we can so easily pass by opportunities that you have for us. Cause us to be more alert to Your voice and make the time for the opportunities you present to us—to bless others and receive blessings you have for us. We love you Lord and want to go about doing the Father’s business—to be like you. Amen

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