The Joy of the Lord!
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“Bless the Lord, oh my soul and all that is within me praise His Holy Name.”  Psalm 103:1

We had another four inches of snow last night and the birds were looking for food.  I put on my jacket and boots and took a scoop of birdseed out to the feeder. 

My husband placed the bird feeder so I can easily see it from my office window. 

The chickadees (at least twelve) and the spotted towhee rewarded me with a spectacular show. For hours they flitted happily from tree branch to the birdfeeder, then to the hedge and back to the feeder again.  My heart soared with praise to my heavenly Father for the joy He provided.

But He had more joy in store for me. When I went outside to clear the snow from the sidewalk and driveway, my neighbor came over and cleared the snow for me with his snow blower (my husband was away on a ministry trip).  Thank you, Lord!

Today was one of those days my mind was filled with praise all day.  Some days are like that!

Thank you, Father, for your kindness.  My words are so inadequate to express my feelings of joy to you. Take what is in my heart as a gift of love.  Amen

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