Jesus, the Hope of the Nations!
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We have this hope (the unchangeableness of God’s purpose and plan) as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” Hebrews 6:19

During the last few months, I have been burdened by the sad plight of the thousands of women and children around the world. The homeless refugees in Sudan, the Ivory Coast, Indonesia and other parts of the world, the thousands of women and children who are beaten and raped in the Congo, the young children who are forced into being sex slaves in Thailand and the Philippines. At times I wonder,

“Is there hope for these people? Does anyone care for them?”

And then I learned of an organization that brings hope to women in Kenya by providing small gas stoves and electricity. Karen, one of the businesswomen who observed the joy of the recipients said,

“It was singularly the most amazing experience of my life. The people were so filled with joy and gratitude to God for bringing light to their homes and lives. One man told me that before the program, he was poor. But now he was rich. Meanwhile, he was sitting in his dung hut. That required a real attitude adjustment on my part.”

Recently, Marvin Kehler, former President of GAiN International returned from Indonesia where he was helping oversee the distribution of aid and assess the future needs in the country. Even though this was his second trip to Indonesia since the Tsunami, what he saw there broke his heart. When working in partnership with many organizations and local churches, even a tragedy of this magnitude can be redeemed for good. Thousands of people are being helped.

We can all bring immediate hope to the needy for now, but we also want to introduce them to Jesus, who puts eternal hope in their hearts. The Great Commandment and the Great Commission work hand in hand.

God gives eternal hope. And we can all be part bringing compassion and eternal Hope to the world.

Lord Jesus, you have told us clearly in your word to help the poor and bring the Good News to all Nations. Don’t let us slacken from doing what is priority in Your heart. Keep us full of zeal and ready to make the most of the opportunities. Amen

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