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Lessons on Life with God

Who is God?
Life Lessons
Discouragement & Hope
In God's Love

In God's LOVE

Keep Yourselves in God’s Love

How to Experience God's Love

The Way of Love - I Corinthians 13

Discouragement and Hope

NEW: God Forgave our Sins, Past, Present and Future

Brevity of Life

Hope for those without Hope -by Mike Woodard

Dealing with Despair…! Dark Moments of the Soul

Fear, Faith and Migraines - Renewing your mind can help renew your body

Painful Memories

Life's Lessons Come From Unexpected Places.
by Mike Woodard

The Lord is my Helper

It is Not the End!

I Like to be Encouraged

Step by Step


Life Lessons and God


Who is God? God is ...

Attributes of God

Father's Love Letter

God's Sufficiency Exceeds Our Need - by Sylvia Gunter

The Unchanging Lord - by Charles Spurgeon

The Everlasting God - By Stoddard

God is our Provider

The Lord is My Shepherd

The Lord Never Changes

The Only Totally Fair Judge

HE IS!  a great poem

God's Love - Part 1 in a devotional series

God's Love - Part 2

God is Bigger than all my Problems

He Provides Companionship

A Trampled Rose

Does God Exist

If God is good, why is there evil and suffering?

Is Jesus God?

Jesus, the Hope of the Nations

The God of Justice

God Knows Everything

God is Sufficient

God Listens to Us

Wisdom of God


He Guides Us

He Lets me Rest

God is Holy

God is Faithful

What the Lord Values

God is my Delight

God is thinking about you

God WILL take care of you

What a Friend we have in Jesus

Words - Amazing words of Christ

Gentle and Humble

Jesus is always there

God, our Shield

God's Mysterious Ways!


thoughts about god
thoughts about god
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