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Building Families

Story of a Teen Suicide Attempt

Children - Raising children

Help for Parents to Prevent Teen Suicide

The ABC's of Parenting Teens

Ten Things to Teach your Son about True Manhood - by John Grant

Rewards of Having Children

When Parents Break your Heart

12 Ways to Love Your Wayward Child

Spending Quality Time with your Kids - 8 suggestions

Teaching your kids values - 10 top ways

Lessons from Dishwashing - by Muriel Hanson

The Hammer Did It - by Don Krause (remembering when he was 14 years old and facing some tough choices)

She fell in the Hot Tub

She walked away from us

"Your Son was shot"

Please Go Away Grandma

Who is God to You - a perspective on our view of God.

Father's Day and Fatherhood

NEW: A Call to Fatherhood

My Dad's Love  Frank shares a true story of how his father's love affected his life.

Ideas for Honoring your Dad

Ten Things to Teach your Son about True Manhood - by John Grant

Godly Fathers - a Biblical perspective

How my Son Changed my Priorities.  The Ed Becker story

A Father's Prayer for His Children

Honoring Your Father Through Your Senses

Alphabet Of The Father Heart of God

Why Know the Father's Heart

10 Ideas: Esteeming Dad on Father's Day

Daddy's Home

When Life Careens: Love Child Locates Biological-Dad

Bible Verses for Fathers

Quotes about Fathers

Why Fathers are Special - Comments from our Visitors

Appreciation - My Dad Thought he had no Friends

Do it Now!! - I was prompted to see my dad and I did it.

Norm Brown's story - Our first child was born - a daughter. She had cerebral palsy and God has used her to teach me patience, compassion, love and understanding. I can thank God every day for our daughter. She is a special gift from God.

Unending Guilt - a woman couldn't forgive herself for going against her father's wishes.

My Daddy is a Man - a story about being proud of our father

* See our Mother's Day section as well

A Mother's Special Promise - a touching story

A Mother's Marvelous Love - a story of sacrificial love

Quotes about Mothers

Celebrating our Mothers - are we honouring the special people in our lives

King David's Mother - Mother's Day poem

Mother of Jabez - Mother's Day poem

Another 'Mother Teresa' - meet Merle Henegan

Samson's Mother

Knitting projects for Unwed Mothers

Mother - Child Bond

A Tribute to Mothers of Special Needs Children

Holy Cravings - do we crave God's word like a newborn craves it's mothers milk?

Ma'am your Son was Shot

Story of SIDS from a Mother's perspective

Grandma Kehler's letter to Spenser

"Your Mother is Lost"


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