19 Ways to Encourage Others

Romance - Keeping it Alive

What's Love Got to do with It?

Thoughts from others:

Thank God for using you to write this article. This is just the prayer I needed for our marriage.
- from Swaziland
You are right. I have not been very supportive of my husband, I criticize him all the time and it brings him down. I want to change I was to start praying for him and showering him with compliments with God’s help.
- from Zimbabwe
I am really having a hard time with my marriage now and after reading this, I realized that I am so far away from God. He is the missing piece I’ve been looking for. I am focused on my wants, myself and about what my husband should do for me. I am a selfish brat, now I realized. God must be centered in our life—without Him we are so lost! Thank you so much for having this site.
- from Philippines