God Knows Us by Name

by Max Lucado

We are your people, the sheep of your flock”.  Psalm 79:13

Sheep aren’t smart.  They tend to wander into running creeks for water, then their wool
grows heavy and they drown.  They need a shepherd to lead them to “calm water
(Psalm 23:2).  They have no natural defense – no claws, no horns, no fangs.  They are
helpless.  Sheep need a shepherd with a ‘rod and shepherd’s staff” (Psalm 23:4) to protect them.  They have no sense of direction.  They need someone to lead them “on paths that are right” (Psalm 23:3).

So do we. We, too, tend to be swept away by waters we should have avoided.  We have no
defense against the evil lion who prowls about seeking whom he might devour.  We, too, get lost.

We need a shepherd. We need a shepherd to care for us and to guide us. And we have one.
ONE who knows us by name.

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Max Lucado
From: A Gentle Thunder

Used by permission
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5 Responses to God Knows Us by Name

  1. Stephen Bernard says:

    Our Shepherd Jesus is Good. The Good Shepherd never fails. We can trust Him. He saves us with His life. So much love! So much love!. None like Him. Praise the Lord. When we walk straight, He is leading and when we go astray He follows us and brings back to His care and protection. Praise all those who live, even if you don’t know Him, He knows you, because, He created you and He gives you life. Amen.
    Thank you. Blessings from the Lord.

  2. Douglas R. Dawson says:

    I to like a sheep was LOST,then the GOOD SHEPHERD came and found me,save me from my sins,and now i follow HIM.GLORY to HIS NAME,Amen

  3. susan says:

    I am encouraged. God will lead me when I leave it all to HIM just like the sheep.

  4. sobhi malas says:

    We need a shepherd. We need a shepherd to care for us and to guide us. And we have one.
    ONE who knows us by name.

  5. christine namugenyi says:

    after me reading this i have realized that indeed a need God and his holy spirit to guide mi in everything i do because sometime i find myself when am totally lost and doing mistakes that i wouldn’t have done if i was moving under his guidance

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