We Like Sheep

by Max Lucado

Sheep aren’t smart. They tend to wander into running creeks for water, then their wool grows heavy and they drown. They have no sense of direction. They need a shepherd to lead them to calm water.

So do we! We, like sheep, tend to be swept away by waters we should have avoided. We have no defense against the evil lion who prowls about seeking whom he might devour.

Isaiah 53:6 reminds us, “We all have wandered away like sheep; each of us has gone his own way.”  We need a shepherd to care for us and to guide us. And Jesus is that Good Shepherd. The Shepherd who lays down his life for the sheep. The Shepherd who protects, provides, and possesses his sheep. The Psalmist says: The Lord is my shepherd!  The imagery is carried over to the New Testament as Jesus is called the good shepherd of the sheep!

Jesus said, “I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me—just as the Father knows me and I know the Father—and I lay down my life for the sheep. John 10:14-15

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Max Lucado
From: A Gentle Thunder

Used by permission
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3 Responses to We Like Sheep

  1. Mary Hodge says:

    As I read this message I thought about one of songs our choir in my childhood Church use to sing; written by Mahalia Jackson
    Without God, I could do nothing,
    Without God, I would fail

    Without God, My life would be drifting,
    Just like a ship, Without a sail

    Without a doubt, He is my Savior,
    My strength, along life’s ways

    In deep waters, my God, is my anchor
    Through faith He’ll be my stay

    Without God, I could do nothing
    Without God, you know my life would fail

    Without God, Life would be rugged,
    It be like a ship Without a sail

    I’m leaning and depending on Jesus
    And I’m trusting in Him everyday

    I am…

  2. Kiki Joseph says:

    I have always compared myself to a sheep,’the lost sheep”, I would say with an innocent heart wandering and looking for his sheaperd….I know who is my shepherd but just find it hard sometimes to follow his steps in that muddy path ;which is destiny.
    But I hold on and move even sometimes blindly knowing that he is searching for me too.
    Thanks lord for your faithfulness .

  3. Surah C says:

    Jesus is actually my good shepherd who knows where to be found at what time. He cares even when we are hopeless He looks for us and comforts us in whichever situations. We must at all cost praise and continuously give thanks.

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