An Alternative to Counting Gifts


Let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to His name.” Hebrews 13:15

Thanksgiving rolls around, and we suddenly remember to count our blessings. The rest of the year, we easily miss out on the joy of offering the “sacrifice of praise to God continually.”

That’s why many like to keep lists all year round. A gratitude journal. A way of counting blessings one-by-one.

But what if we were grateful for more than what God gives?
What if we focused this year on giving thanks to the One who gives?
What if we gave thanks to His name?

•         T – Trustworthy
Lord, Thank You for Your unfailing faithfulness. Thank You that in a world full of deception, seemingly overruled by the father of lies, You reign in our lives as a God completely worthy of our trust. Thank You that we can lean fully on You, and, in leaning, we will never be ashamed, never crushed, never left helpless. Thank You that we can accept every gift You give, because You are trustworthy. . .

•         H – Holy
Lord, Thank You for Your separateness. Your holy Being. Your love and gifts that come from an untainted, unadulterated, pure heart of holiness for creatures who are far from holy . . .

•         A – All-Knowing
Lord, Thank You that nothing is a mystery to You. When we need, You know. When we ache, You know. When we rejoice, You know. You know our needs, because You are a Father always in tune to our needs. You know our aches, because we’re Your own. You know our joys, because You are the One who knowingly gives them precisely with each of us in mind . . .

•         N – Near
Lord, Thank You that You are a God at hand, and not a God afar off. You draw even nearer, when we draw near to You. You are by our side, never absent, the God who promised You would never leave us or forsake us. It is never difficult for You to give. It takes only a slight motion of Your hand nearby . . .

•         K – Kind
Lord, Thank You that Your kindness surrounds every act of love, every motion our way, every gift withheld and given. Thank you that You’ve promised that Your kindness will never cease. Thank You that nothing comes our way apart from that channel of kindness . . .

•         S – Sufficient
Lord, Thank You for the knowledge that if we were never given a dime, a worldly joy, a longed-for dream, we would have enough in You. You are all we need, yet You give more. Thank You that behind your loving gifts, we can rest content in Your sufficient Person, Your sufficient grace, Your arms wrapped around us in trustworthy, holy, all-knowing, near, kind, sufficient giftedness.

May your Thanksgiving be filled with thankfulness to the One who gives!
Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above.” (James 1:17)

By Bethany Hayes


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Praise God for All He has Done


Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefitsPsalm 103:2

It is delightful and profitable to observe how the hand of God was upon the lives of ancient saints, to see His goodness deliver them, see His mercy pardon them, and see His faithfulness keep His covenant with them.

But isn’t it even more delightful and profitable for us to remember the hand of God working in our own lives? We should look back at our own history as being at least as full of God, as full of His goodness and of His truth, as the lives of any of the saints who have gone before. We do our Lord an injustice when we presume that He performed all His mighty acts for those in the past, but doesn’t perform wonders for us today.

Let’s review our own lives. Surely we will discover some happy incidents which are both refreshing to ourselves and glorifying to God.

Has God delivered you from trouble? Have you passed safely through rivers, supported by the divine presence? Have you walked through proverbial fires unharmed?

Remember, this is the God who gave Solomon the desire of his heart. Hasn’t He also often heard and answered your requests? This is the God of beautiful outpourings about whom David sang, “Who satisfies your desires with good things.” Has He never satiated you with blessing? Have you never been made to lie down in green pastures? Have you never been led by the still waters?

Surely the goodness of God has been the same to us as to the saints of the past. Let us then weave His mercies into a song. Let us take the pure gold of thankfulness, and the jewels of praise and make them into another crown for the head of Jesus. Let our souls make sweet music, music that is as exhilarating as that which came from David’s harp, while we praise the Lord whose mercy endures forever!

Question: How has God delivered you, personally?

Originally written by Charles H. Spurgeon
Updated to modern English by Darren Hewer, 2008.


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