Thoughts From Others:

Hi, I’ve prayed today and have been really afraid lately. I have asked God into my life. I have been doing drugs and not loving one another . . . in face I hated people, they made me sick. I feel God now but I can’t help but to be afraid . . . I’m scared . . .my family scares me. I know something isn’t completely fulfilled inside me . . . . someone help me please.
- from USA

Thanks a lot . . . got the beautiful message . . . simply surrender to God . . . reach out to Him . . .love Him with all your heart, soul and mind . . .Love everybody around you . . . your spouise, family, relatives, friends.
- From India

I really wants to have Christ in me and me in Christ, my all life was full of sins but now I thank you for this word wwhich give me faith to move forward dand don’t want to turn back. Please I ask for your prayer . . .am a girl of 25 years, without Christ I cant live. Thank you!
- from Tanzania

Thank you my friend. Indeed your prayer was so touching, especially ” thank you God forgiving my sins—make me the person you want me to be” and I know you are.
- from Qatar

Hey, you guys are revealing secrets that I have always searched for in my whole life. May God increase you. I’m blessed that I am learning from you.
- from Nigeria