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Great Biblical Teaching about Angels

Guardian Angels Watching over Us

For he will command his angels...

Good Angels - Bad Angels - what is the difference?

Bible Study: Angels? Really Now?

Monday Morning Miracle

A Room Full of Angels - by Ev Baerg

A Bright Light came over me and healed me  by Mary DeWitt

Kids - and how they view angels

God speaks to us through Angels

"Daddy helped us" -  "but daddy is dead"

The Surgeon began to cry “Someone was moving my hands.”

Encountering Three Angels

Angels knock on the Door

A Calm Voice Spoke to Me

Angel Saves Toddler from Danger

Angel and a Hairbrush - by Beth Moore

Angel Comes to Encourage during Surgery

Frank had a vision of a huge angel

Angel at the Train Station

A Flutter of Wings


Thankful for Air - a miraculous cure from Pulmunary Fibrosis

Saved from the Cobra's path

I had a Dream - I Nearly Drowned


Healing Oil

Programmed Seashells

Stronger than a Crocodile

Remembering the Tsunami (Dec 26, 2004):

Indonesian Woman Pastor tells her story
A 15 year old survivor tells his story
A business owner, named Erny, tells her story

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