Accomplishing your Dreams
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accomplishing your dreams

Whatever we vividly envision, ardently desire, sincerely believe in, and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass, provided there is a scriptural authority for it
          --  Dr. William Bright

Have you ever wondered why some people who have dreams and ideas go ahead and accomplish them while others never go beyond the dreaming stage? It is because many people never get to the “enthusiastically act upon” part.

There are times in our lives when we think about projects we would like to do or new ministries we would like to begin. Perhaps, it is like that for you in this season of life.

The secret of making our dreams or projects a reality is following simple “success” principles:

  1. Clarify your dream by writing it down. Try to do it in one sentence.

  2. Set measurable goals. When do you want to start? When do you plan to have it completed? Write it in your schedule.

  3. Face your foes. What are the circumstance or things that could prevent you from being successful?

  4. What are your assets? What has God gifted you with? Personality? Education? Influence? Drive? Natural giftedness? Money?

  5. Go for the gold. Today you can take the fist step to make your dream come true. Trust God and work hard.

Father, Your many words of wisdom in the book of Proverbs give us so many practical success principles. Give us the will to follow them. Amen

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