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Valentine's Day is Approaching Fast....

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Love For a Lifetime


The greatest need humans have is to love and be loved. All of my life, I’ve wrestled with that need.

As a child, I grew up in a stable home environment and for the most part, I was happy. But I never felt I measured up or merited my dad’s love and approval. My dad was strict, and had high expectations of his children. I’d drive myself to be as perfect as I could be, to get A’s in school, to be obedient, even to the point that my other siblings labeled me the “goody two-shoes” of our family. My dad wanted an orderly home and family life. I don’t doubt now that he did love me, but I didn’t always feel loved in that relationship.

In high school, I fell in love with a guy named Mike. I convinced my family to attend his church, I worked in student government with him, I missed him the summer he went to Switzerland on a student exchange. We even ended up going to the same university. I so desperately wanted him to feel the same love for me, but while we were friends, he was also interested in dating others. I did a lot of crying over this guy. The good news is that I did eventually marry him.

Finally, I had my dream-come-true in marriage…right?? The first two years, I realized that Mike didn’t just want to sit home with me and spend quality time together. He was a very active, people-oriented guy, who either wanted to go out and socialize or else bring lots of people into our home. I, on the other hand, wanted to spend time just with Mike, to know he loved me. I wanted quiet, romantic evenings together—he wanted to party!! I wanted him to put me first, to give me all the love I needed, but he didn’t seem able to do that.

After two years, our son was born, followed by three daughters. I poured my love into our children. I had always loved kids. But these children were a handful 24 hours a day! I tried to be a supermom, but I was disillusioned with motherhood.

All I ever wanted was to love my dad, my husband and my children and have them return that love. They gave me what love they had but it just wasn’t enough. None of them could meet my need for unconditional love.


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