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Overwhelmed by Negative Feelings?

There is Something You Can Do About It

by Elfrieda Nikkel  

overwhelmed negative feelingsDo you ever find yourself overwhelmed by negative feelings.  They may be there because of a conflict in your marriage, difficult work situations, problems with your children, financial difficulties or just a feeling of hopelessness because life seems so unfair.

Is there anything that can be done about these negative feelings?  Can we control our feelings?  Can we change them?  If you were asked to make yourself feel happy you would probably think of a wonderful experience you have had like winning a prize or experiencing a special celebration.  On the other hand if  you were asked to feel sad you would think of a very devastating or sad experience. This tells us that our feelings are usually connected to our thoughts.  Often we cannot control the circumstances that lead to our thoughts but we can choose how we want to think about them and that in turn affects our feelings. 

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