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Frank's Story - Where Choices Can Lead You


Frank was raised on a dairy farm in Southern British Columbia, Canada, along with five sisters and one brother. Life was good.

photo credit: Jess Loughborough

Life was good – a dog, fishing in the creek, church, Sunday School, youth groups and more.

When he was 15 things changed – no more church for him. His Dad showed deep disappointment but did not over react.

At 17 he was asked to leave the home because of his new priorities of drinking, dropping out of school, and other unacceptable behaviors.

Things were out of control.

Out of desperation he joined the army and was posted to Germany. Here his life with booze and pretty girls continued. Even so, Dad was happy to see him when he returned home three years later. But his lifestyle did not change. He soon met and married a girl whose father also was a heavy drinker. He seemed to fit right in.

However, Frank did not forget his Dad’s emphasis on hard work. He started his first business when he was in his mid-twenties, and it went quite well. Then he bought a large poultry farm which also did well. But his drinking would not disappear. Realizing that he needed help he went to Alcoholics Anonymous, but was disappointed to find that all they could talk about was God.

Frank DID want to change and even started taking his kids to church. He thought he was getting very religious until the drinking started all over again. In his thirties he sold his business and bought a nice big house on the hill thinking life would be perfect. He thought he had enough money to last for a lifetime.  But it didn’t. >>>. Read the rest of his story


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